Canadian Back Institute

Although I obviously would like to see patients in my office I think that any organisation that promotes patient self education should be supported.

One excellent group is Dr Hamilton Hall’s Canadian back institute (

Dr Hall has always written excellent books that are plain speaking and informative.  Likewise his website offers information including an online self assessment package to help you to understand what might be going wrong and how to deal with what you find the source of your complaints to be.

Years ago, before I was a physio myself, I got tired of having problems and finding that the information I needed wasn’t available. Treatments were not always helpful ( I tried chiropractic, massage etc) and too often a passive approach left me soon back in pain again and wondering what to do.

Its worth giving Dr Halls site a view and seeing if what he tells you helps you to understand things a bit better. I know in my case it was very beneficial.

Best wishes and good health!