Age is no limit!

People age. It’s a fact of life!  But what does that mean and how should it affect what we do?  Not everyone is going to be extremely active as they get older but there are benefits to any activity and you would be surprised at what can be accomplished both in terms of health benefits and personal goals.  For example, there is a great article in the Physician and Sportsmedicine that looks specifically at differences in muscle in a 40 year old tri-athlete, a 74 year old sedentary person and a 74 year old tri-athlete.  The differences are obvious to anyone who looks! The second article has imaging pictures of each individual’s legs.

Specifically you can see in the triathlon article that the 40 year old and the 74  year old competitors have similar muscle mass.

40 year old tri-athlete

74 year old sedentary man

74 year old tri-athlete

Another good example is a man by the name of Joe Stockinger who, weighing 74 kg and being 82 years old , was lifting a combined total of over a thousand pounds (454 kg) for the 3 lifts in his powerlifting competition.

There are many more examples of individuals who have continued to participate well past the time that many would have had them retire.  All of us can benefit from their examples.. that famous old saying is still true today ”If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!”

You don’t have to be a high level competitor to receive the benefits of exercise which can include  fat loss, improved  muscle tone, better cardio-vascular health, improved bone density and just being able to comfortably enjoy your life!!  Find something that you can love to do whether it be dancing, running, swimming, drumming or any other type of activity that feels good to you!  If you are concerned then get a physiotherapist or your medical doctor to check you over to make sure that you feel safe in increasing your activity level.  Sometimes this can provide the peace of mind you need to feel confident in getting on with being you!

See you on the pitch!! ;’  )


What can an Assessment do for you?

People aren’t always sure of what a physiotherapist does or whether they have a complaint that might be helped by a physiotherapist. Personally I treat mainly musculoskeletal problems (sports/spinal/arthritis…) but physio’s are involved in a number of areas. When someone comes in with a problem that I feel would be treated by a physiotherapist with a different speciality I send them to the appropriate person (Pat in our office has a focus on Occupational Health as one sub-speciality). Specialities include neurological conditions, women’s health, occupational health and a number of other areas.  When we do an assessment we try to focus in on what a person’s problems might be and whether one of our physio’s can help or not.  The assessment can clarify if there is a serious problem or if a person might be able to just get on with things themselves using just some information for guidance.

If you would like to have something looked at or discuss a particular problem I am offering a free 15 minute assessment for anyone able to come to my office. If you are interested please follow this link to book your free assessment.

Looking forward to seeing you and hopefully giving you a hand!



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