Back Pain

Everyone seems to suffer from back pain at some time in their lives. As a chartered physiotherapist I see alot of people who can be helped with little intervention. Sometimes it is as simple as learning a bit about how what you feel relates to the type of problem you might be suffering with. 

Just to start out I would like to get people thinking about pain and see what their thoughts are.  It can be daunting to be in pain and not sure what to do. 

The first concept that is often missed is that hurt does not equal harm. If you pull your finger back you feel discomfort even though nothing has been damaged. Martial arts like aikido and jiu jitsu use this type of pain to control people who are attacking them without necessarily damaging them.  If you have been in a cast for 6 weeks and you start to move then there will be pain as the tissues have tightened, become sensitive or because they have become stuck dowon on adjacent tissues.  Often a simple stretching program will help to loosen things. In this type of situation then you need to move towards the pain to loosen things up and get your body moving again.

I am sure many of us have felt this in the past. Often  this type of pain may resolve within 7-10 days of stretching things out.

This is my first blog so patience please if I don't make things as clear as I would like them to be. I am happy to hear any constructive comments that will help people to understand what I am trying to get across.

Cheers from the UK.