Its funny how the way you see the events you have been involved in determines how much you suffer.  The way you feel about what has happened can directly determine what you will feel.

Since moving to the UKin the late 1990's I have been hit in my car 5 times including once rolled the car at 60 miles an hour.  I have been fortunate and been able to walk away relatively unscathed although I did suffer for different periods of time depending on the severity of the crash.  More recently I took up playing rugby again after more than 25 years off just to see if I could do it.  Again depending on the severity of the game and the level of contact involved I found myself sufferring.

Interestingly the pain was not that different in nature or severity between the two events.. car crashes and rugby. Each time I might have 12-48 hours grace and then I ached!!!!! Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night and need to find a way to control what I was feeling.  Sometimes I walked quite gingerly for the next while and had to pace my return to any actitivity.  Within 7-10 days (usually 2-5) I was back to being able to do much of what I did before albeit I had to tough it out at first.  There were sometimes more severe reactions but in general things were manageable.  I think that this is not something unique to myself.  Some lads from one side I was with were hit in their car on the way back from a game and reported the accident at practice but in comparison to the game earlier the discomfort had ended up being minimal from the crash.

Having a history of being involved in contact sports I was not as affected as much as I might have been partly from physical conditioning and partly from mental attitude. I am sure a big factor was also probably luck. This has also been seen with other people around me.  I do know that there is evidence that getting and staying active once you are recovering from an injury goes a long way to keeping down the insurance bills for treatment and helps to prevent reoccurrences in the long term.

If you look on things as a knock that is part of what happens in the 'game' of life then perhaps you may find it a bit easier to get on with things and get back to living life how you want to.



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  1. it was nice to read your blog. the thoughts are very well laid out and it was refreshing to read. i was able to find the information that i was looking for. thanks.

    • You surprise me! I didn’t think it was particularly popular. Oddly enough, it seems to be popular with Portuguese/Spanish speakers more than English speakers. Just out of interest, why do you think my blog is popular? What did you look for or look at to arrive at my blog?


  2. beautiful blog with nice informational content. this is a really interesting and informative post. good job! keep it up, hope to read your other updates. thanks for this nice sharing.

    • Ummm,not sure if you mean the layout or what I have written but thanks either way :’ P

      WordPress comes in different forms but essentially its a pre-made package that you customize. Check Google to see how to get your own blog at or if you have a website already you might take alook at .

      The ideas are a combination of things I have learnt, stolen or been given by my patients in one form or another :’ D.

      Hope that answers your question.

      regards, Ross

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